The Month of Awesome.

This month has just started but so many great things have already happened to me.  I applied for my masters program and will be starting in January.  I will be going for my MBA with a concentration in Human Resources.  It is only 11, 12 week course so I figured I should start now so that I will be able to be done that much sooner.

Tomorrow is my one year anniversary of being with Donovan.  We will not be able to celebrate it together since he still has ruffly a month and a half left of his deployment.  But he did send me two dozen beautiful roses.

photo-36 photo-38And in the same day I found out that I was picked to be promoted six months early in a program called senior airmen below the zone or BTZ!


With all that good something has to go wrong right? Well my cats were spayed this month, and this was no fun.  The girls made it to day five without any problems. But when I came home on day six I could tell that things were just not right.  I ended up taking them to the vet to find out that they licked the stitches out.  So now they will be wearing cones for a total of four weeks and I have to give them meds twice a day for two weeks.  It will be nice to have my girls back up and running.

photo-54 photo-55   Happy Holidays!


Happy 6 Month Birthday!!

November first was the six month Birthday to my two precious little kitties!  This summer I decided that with Donovan leaving for several months and a big house all to myself I need something to fill up the space.  A dog seemed like to much work.  With them you always have to have someone around to let them out or watch them if you want to travel.  So I figure why not get a cat!? Then I could still travel on the weekends and it would be easier for someone to come and watch them if I was gone for more than a few days.  I am still not sure how I ended up with two of them, but I did.  I guess I thought that they would need a friend lol.  I am going to upload a few pictures as well as youtube links so that everyone can see the first six months of Abby and Emma’s life.


Meet Abby and Emma! Here they are 6 months old.

Emma when we first got her.

Emma when we first got her.

Abby could fit into just one hand!

Abby could fit into just one hand!

First bath.

First bath.

First trip to the vet.

First trip to the vet.

Just a nice picture of Emma.  I don't get nice ones very often.

Just a nice picture of Emma. I don’t get nice ones very often.

In this video we were trying to get the girls used to wearing the leash for at the vet as well as let them be outside.  They spent the first two months of their lives outside so we thought they would like it.  As you will see we were pretty wrong about that.

We were dog sitting, they did not like the dog very much.

We were dog sitting, they did not like the dog very much.

Just hanging out.

Just hanging out.


Abby loves to play with the duster. Not sure why I buy real toys.

Abby loves to play with the duster. Not sure why I buy real toys.

This is the kinda stuff that I have to put up with.

This is the kinda stuff that I have to put up with.

So that was Abby and Emma, oh by the way Abby is the brown and orange cat and Emma is the grey cat.  Every other second we are getting along at this point but they keep me happy and warm with all of the snuggle time we get.  I hope that you enjoyed seeing/watching all of the adventures that we have gone through in the past few months!

Healthy Eating

Ever since I have had my internet back I have been looking at other peoples healthy lifestyle blogs.  It is nice because some of them give you advice on working out and share at home or gym workouts, while others concentrate more on food.  For me food is my biggest problem.  Trying to figure out different options to keep my meals exciting and actually good for you has been difficult up until now.  The blog that I have been following is called Undressed Skeleton (  The thing i like the most about her blog is that she usually uses ingredients that every one has heard of.  She has a list of all of her recipes split up so they are easy to find what type of food you are looking for.  And she is from Michigan so that is a plus!

Last week I started making my own healthy foods.  I started out with just three options, one for breakfast lunch and dinner.  I didn’t want to make to much since it is just me and I was right.  The three meals feed me all week!  Last Sunday I spent several hours prepping all of my food.  I made breakfast sandwiches, a black bean taco and a veggie chili.

photo 1

Breakfast sandwiches, just missing the top.


Black bean taco. It calls for ground chicken but here in the land of no options I don’t have ground chicken. I used veggie crumbles instead.


The chili had to cook for several more hours after this picture, so it ended up with more juice than it shows here.

All of these meals were really good and I will be trying them again.  I am trying to change my lifestyle this time instead of trying a diet for a few days and giving up… which is what usually happens to me.   I have not had a pop or energy drink in a few months now and I am finding that it is easier to make small changes over time than just jumping right into it.  Thats when I crash and burn.

Family Time

We try to get everyone together and have a “family” dinner in the dorm.  It doesn’t matter if you are married or single, everyone can come.  I snapped a few pictures of my AF family at our last one.



I finally got a chance to wear my full service dress to an event that I volunteered for.  Unfortunately I (well Donovan) did all of the work of putting it together for nothing.  I wore it to the event and was told i did not receive the memo to wear my ABUs instead.  But at least I took a picture for everyone to see!



Birthday Weekend in Paris!

Sorry I have not written in a rather long time but life has kind of gotten in the way.  There have been to many great trips and opportunities going on in my life, leaving little time for blogging.  I guess most people would think that current situation was a good one!

Some how I had the honor of spending my 25th birthday in Paris with my best friends! Donovan and I spent 4 days in Paris with another couple and had a third couple show up about half way through.  We had the opportunity to see I think just about every major tourist attraction that Paris had to offer.  I don’t know if i like any part of Paris better than the other because I love the city in general.  I will try to pick my favorite pictures from Paris to post, but as you can imagine I have hundreds 🙂

















We are hoping to be able to take a trip back some time this spring or summer to see what Paris looks like with leaves and green grass.  And to be able to get to know Paris, not just the tourist attractions.  I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do!

New Years Eve

This NYE was prolly one of the best ones that I have ever been apart of.  I was able to go to a bar with a group of my friends and watch a live band right up until midnight.  Right before midnight the bar was shut down and everyone was asked to go outside.  The bar supplied us with a glass of Champaign and a fireworks show.  Apparently Germany is big on the fireworks for NYE.  Everyone is able to buy them, and they are not the tiny ones we sell in Michigan,  and sets them off everywhere at midnight.  So the sky lights up all around you for a good ten minutes.  I took a ton of pictures through out the night but I will show you a few of my favorites.


My ladies and I on NYE



The band



A group of my friends at the bar supporting our friend Reed in the band.



Reed happens to be my boyfriend 🙂

Christmas Parties

Even though I was not home for all of my usual Christmas parties this year I still managed to go to a few of them over here.  I was invited to a party with my best friends.  I was able to dress up in my fancy dress which is always fun for a girl.  They served us dinner, had drinks, and of course games and prizes.





These next few are from my “mandatory fun” work Christmas party.  You can tell how much fun I was having.



My supervisor  had us over for dinner again.  This time she made Mexican rice and tacos for our Christmas dinner.  Here is a last min. picture of the girls from my office.